Bulk Import for MarketPress


Is there a way to import catalog of product into MassMarket?

Has anyone any recommendation on the way to proceed?

I’ve got a customer with more than 300 products already encoded in a spreadsheet.

He’s interested by a bulk mode import to start but mainly to keep the records updated (price, # products, …:wink:. Maybe if he wants to give a promotion on a selection of products, etc. Things would be easier to maintain through a spreadsheet

And find a process => convert it into a csv file => …

1) Option 1: is to convert a csv into an WP archive => import it through the existing import process

2) Option 2: is to use a premium plugin like CSVPig

But maybe a WPMUdev has another idea or is working on such feature?

If you already find a workaround, it would be interesting (at least for me :slight_smile: to share your findings.