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I have three .com sites and am building a new .org self hosted site http://www.silverstarsat.com I have http://www.silverstar.tv on .com and by building multiple duplicate pages with the city or even zip in the title same page and replace the city name in the page body. I have done this manually with the .com site adding my area. With this new site I am planning to build a great order entry page a chat feature and a shopping cart to buy stuff. I really want to sell dish tv nationally and create a page that ranks in the top 10 in every city in USA 19,000 pages maybe http://www.silverstarsat.com / dish deals / dish tv in Vancouver Washington/ etc etc etc what do you suggest

  • mort3n

    Hi Silverstar,

    Sounds like an interesting project!

    Now, SEO is by no standard my specialty, but that said, my first thought is that adding thousands of pages runs counter to the dynamic structure of WordPress.

    A different approach could be to have a page where a user choose location and the relevant info is then displayed to the user.

    The result page is built dynamically based on the user input.

    There are many relevant plugins enabling commerce here at WPMU DEV, here is an overview

    A of relevant suggestion could be MarketPress

    For SEO, there are also a number of WPMU DEV plugins. Here's an overview. The Infinite SEO is a likely candidate :slight_smile:.

    I would also consult Yoast, e.g. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-seo/

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:


  • Tom Eagles


    Welcome to the large site nightmare, i created one that was only 3000 pages and posts and needed a lot of duplication of some parts that were common so yours is going to be a nightmare.

    First off regarding duplicate content on a site, google absolutely hates it so you will need to be very careful.

    @mort3n 's advice here

    A different approach could be to have a page where a user choose location and the relevant info is then displayed to the user.

    is very sound.

    One way to do something like this would be to use custompress and build a directory style scenario, where you could build it using custom post types. and then filter it based on zip code/ state/ city etc.

    This way you could have a general listings page per state/city etc and the individual record would just be a template with the relevant pulled in based on user input.

    Other than that the seo plugins mentioned by him are a good choice.



  • Silverstar

    ya , i don't need any further help Tom. I appreciate the thought but i no longer use wpmu the cost is 150 every three months to have chat and seo the seo kept making other plugins not work and i spent most of my time trying to make them work. even the creator of the seo suggested i try another plugin. then the only thing i could use from wpmu is the chat. i found that for free and is much better. the seo is free and works with everything the shopping cart is free as well. but more importantly they work. after looking around and gaining some experience found that wpmu was a waste of both time and money and is kind a scam. but that's my opinion.

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