Bulk product upload for MarketPress 3.x

Once the upgrade to MarketPress 3.x is up and running on one of my sites I’ll need to bulk upload a few hundred products. This was straight forward with MarketPress 2.x but – and it may be me – I can’t see any reference to bulk product uploading in MarketPress 3.x … and try as I might could find no thread on it relating to 3.x

I’m hoping I’m missing the obvious and you can correct me … I’m sure it’s an essential requirement for many many e-commerce sites.


  • esidarap
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    Not good news. How can any e-commerce software today not support bulk product upload? It’s surely an absolute ‘must have’… it should be in 3.x from the very first release!

    Is there a specific timescale? If it is not imminent, then its goodbye from me (again). I was talked in to staying with WPMU Dev after what was really a debacle when 3.x was first released.

    This is the opposite of icing on the cake …

    Speechless …

  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi esidarap,

    Thanks a lot for pointing this important thing and thanks again for staying with us. We are considering your suggestion with utmost importance and as Predrag said, they are working continuously to make Marketpresss a better product with all required functionality.

    I really appreciate you suggesting us about this feature. We grow because people like you help us to get idea about important required things.

    As our developers are continuously updating the plugin, and they have other things in the queue, I’m afraid I can’t give you an exact date but we will make sure that we release an update with this feature as soon as our developers are done including it.

    I’ll request you to stay with us and keep suggesting us about your requirements so that we can deliver you the best product. Feel free to contact us for any further query or suggestion about any of our products.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!


  • esidarap
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I’m not optimistic, we are now in March 2016 … am I right in thinking we still do NOT have a bulk upload feature in MarketPress?

    This MUST be hurting take-up of the product. You boast no addons required yet this undisputable essential requirement is still missing from 3.x

    I cannot recall when I last undertook an e-commerce project which didn’t need a bulk upload feature!

    Let’s have a frank answer, is it ‘just around the corner’ or months away?


  • esidarap
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    So MarketPress does need an add-on and your advertising should be changed to ‘no add-ons required unless you want a bulk upload facility!’

    I can’t help but think resources within wpmudev are targeting other projects right now. MarketPress should never have been released as 3.x in the state it was / is. It is, frankly, incomplete and still a work in progress.

    Best wishes to MarketPress in the future, I for one will move to an alternative where bulk upload is tried and tested integral feature; not a bolt on, or add on, or 3rd party fix.

    I just don’t understand why something so important remains missing month after month after month.

    I know you’ll be busy, don’t worry about replying. Nothing I can say or do will change anything at wpmudev regarding MarketPress. e-commerce is a really important, significant and essential element to many wpmudev users of MarketPress. It is for me, and I can’t keep waiting for an unfinished product to be finished.

  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hello esidarap,

    I hope you are well today. :slight_smile:

    Sorry to hear that you no longer wants to wait till we release our Import feature. Dear member why we don’t give any ETA to member is because it is possible that due date gets delayed due to other criticality of issues and bugs.

    But we will surely include import feature. Its just matter of time we need to wait.

    Kind Regards,


  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hello Miss B Hayving

    Hope you are well today and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    Not this is not available yet but our developers are onto it. If you have any query regarding this or anything else please do consider of opening new thread as this is quite old thread and we love to help our member separately. Because it eliminates confusion and helps us to go granular with member. :slight_smile:

    Thanks for being with us.



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