Bulk Smush Doesn't Seem to be working

I have been trying to use WP Smush Pro to get the image sizes down on one of my client sites.

At first I tried using it and leaving it for a while whilst I got on with a few other things, but it hadn't made an progress, then I looked into possible causes and disabled the caching plugin that I had on the site and tried running it again overnight, but still no progress made.

I've tried smushing just one image individually from the media library but that didn't seem to make any progress either. I use the plugin WP Media Folder from JoomUnited to allow clients to put media files into folders. Smush is seeing more images when I disable this plugin, but still isn't smushing the images either in bulk or individual mode.

I've enabled Support access for you with anticipation you will probably want it. It's a Multisite Install, but I only have Smush activated on the individual site in question (it's a multisite setup as the client wants to develop the social aspects of their site with projects they undertake).

I look forward to your response and advice.

Many thanks
Andy :slight_smile:

  • Sajid

    Hi @andyt1,

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    Thanks for granting support staff access right away. I smushed an image on main site of your network that took less than 10 seconds to smush the image as seen in attached screenshot.

    Here is the direct link to the image I smushed.

    One think I want to mention here is that you need to keep the browser window open and also all media should be in uploads folder to be smushed.

    Any images resides outside of uploads folder and without WordPress media manage system will ignored while smuhsing.

    Hope that makes it clear how smushing works. Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

  • Andy

    Hi Sajid

    Thanks for the information. Yes, I realise the page needs leaving open, I left my MacBook on over night with the page open for the bulk smush but it didn't appear to make any progress on the images.

    I've just tried with a small image on the site and that smushed very quickly (under 10 seconds as you said) but the main reason is the fact that the images uploaded by the client are consisently 5mb + so I'm looking to help them with their page load speeds and have told WP Smush to do it's thing for new images on upload too, but any of the larger images I try to Smush just don't seem to want to do it.

    This prompted me to sort the Media Library by size and work through generally increasing in size on the images I was individually Smushing until I hit the magic number where it wouldn't.

    I worked through starting with the ones under 100kb, then increasing in size. I managed to do one that was 734kb in size, then the next size up was 904.8kb, and this one has been smushing for around 5 minutes now and hasn't completed. The 734kb on was still under 30 seconds to smush (so I appreciate as the images get larger, there is going to be an increase in time it takes).

    Would there be a setting somewhere that would prevent the images over a certain size be sent for Smushing that you're aware of that should be changed? Here's the link to the PHP Info page for this site - http://harwesfarm.org/phpinfo.php in case that helps.

    For information, we're now at about 10 minutes and the image is still Smushing wihtout success. I also tried to see if any other imags might Smush around a similar size and some did, some didn't. It just seems very hit and miss as to which images will and won't Smush. http://harwesfarm.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=444&action=edit is the image that I'd first come to that wouldn't Smush as reference above, but there are some around the same size that I was able to Smush.

    I'm all confused now as the problem doesn't seem to be consistent.

    Thanks for any light you can shed
    Andy :slight_smile:

  • Nastia

    Hello Andy, I hope you are doing well today!

    The images dimensions that have been uploaded on WordPress are really big - 5184 × 3888 px and the size more then 5 mb. They are to heavy, and the images this big will affect the loading speed of your page.

    For large quality image the better size would be between 100kb and 60 kb and dimension size between 1024 and 600 px.

    Please note, that the WP Smush Pro is compressing the images size without reducing the image quality, but it's not resizing the images. It's naturally that the images this big will take longer time to compress.

    You can try the Imsanity plugin, it automatically resizes huge image uploads down to a size that is more reasonable for display in browser.

    For resizing image after upload please use the following plugin:

    Once you resize already existing images, you can deactivate this plugin and continue to use the Imsanity plugin.

    More information about images size and quality:

    I'm now most confused. I've just loaded Chrome to see about running Smush through that and it's saying that all my images have been Smushed?

    I visited WP Smush page and there is only 8 images smushed by the plugin

    Once you resize the images using the above plugins, please try to bulk smush again.

    Let us know how it went!


  • Nastia

    Hello Erik

    Thank you for posting in this thread, however it might be best if you open your own, even if the issue seems closely related. That way this thread will remain independed.

    It also means the member who started this thread or anyone following it isn't inundated with post notifications each time we respond to each other, something that could annoy the original poster.

    Please start a new thread here

    Before opening a new thread ensure that you have followed the first instructions from our Getting Support manual:

    Thank you!


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