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I tried to get the most out of Smush Pro but turning on Super Compression, Resize Full-Size Images, etc. Now my client is unhappy because the images aren't polished enough for them (ug). Guess they don't care much about performance. Any case, what is the best way to revert?

Can I just modify the options and save? Or is there more to it?



  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Zack

    I hope you're well today!

    While we put a lot of effort to make "super-smushing" as "harmless" to the image quality as possible, it's still a lossy compression so the quality might drop a bit. How much - that often depends on the specific images but also on how the "end user" perceives the "quality" but there are surely cases when even a slight quality drop can possibly be considered as too big. That's why the "super-smushing" is disabled by default. With "super-smushing" disabled the compression (smushing) wouldn't cause any quality loss because it only strips "visually irrelevant" information from the file. Resizing though - that mostly depends on how the site (theme) displays images so resizing to too small dimensions may result in "upsizing" images via CSS/browser. I'd recommend carefully checking what image sizes would be "reasonable" in this case.

    However, whether you can easily revert that depends on the settings. Since I don't know what is exact configuration on your site, let me give you a general "guide" then:

    1. If "resize my full size images" and "Smush my original full size images" options were disabled - that means that those original images are still untouched. In such case you can make corrections to Smush configuration (e.g. disabled super-smushing and some selected resizing, that's up to you) and then just re-generate thumbnails.

    Basically, whenever you upload an image to the site, WordPress stores that image in original, unchanged form but also creates additional images of various dimensions out of it. Those are optimized (with this configuration) and regenerating them after smuch settings are changed would bring back the "initial state" and let you optimize them again with "less aggressive optimization" (or don't optimize at all if you prefer to).


    This plugin would help you do this.

    2. If you did have either "Resize my full size images" or "Smush my original full size images" or both options enabled then see if "Store a copy of my full size images" option was enabled.

    If so, that means that even though those original images were also optimized there are still untouched copies that can be restored. First, make changes to the Smush settings and then go to "Media -> Library" and you'll see a "restore" button for images. You can use it to restore the original images.

    You can also run the thumbnail regeneration after that, just in case :slight_smile:

    3. If both these options for original images were enabled but there was no option set to keep copies of them, then I'm afraid there's not much that can be done and the only way would be to

    - change Smush settings to "less efficient" and to keep copies of original images
    - re-upload or images to the site from originals if you do have access to them (e.g you got local copies, some backup or access to the image bank they came from etc).

    If you have any additional questions, let me know please.

    Kind regards,

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