Well I’m new here but I have actually noticed that I have missed alot since I started using WordPress because I was a WPMUDEV member.

It is really amazing how many plugins are available but the only thing I did not find is that none of those plugins or themes are bundled.

I have noticed that some plugins, come with other plugins integrated in it such as Popover plugin and Test Head Footer.

Why not have the same thing. In other words, it would be a good idea if the Premium membership plugin would be integrated with Friends, quick status, remember me checked, communities, avatar, signup code, messaging, and SO MANY more, this way the administrator wouldn’t have to go through uploading and customizing every plugin to integrate it.

Same thing goes to the themes. All over the internet, you will find alot of themes that have certain plugin integrated in it same as mentioned above. One of the websites I am working on now, is actually a membership website and all the above mentioned plugins, well almost all the available plugin are actually great to use in it.

I am 100% sure that I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second if the 1st time I saw the wpmudev,org website I found in the features list that this is available.

Hope that the person who is reading, reached the last line :slight_smile: