Business Blog Theme – Where do I change Site name and text box

I see I have the same problem as Johan (See topic: Business Blog Top Text Box ). I cannot even change the blog title away from BUSINESS BLOG.

Tammy says

Johan: It’s set under appearance > theme options.


… But with no other instructions. When I go there, I see a BRANDING section, and I do put the name of my site in; however, this does not replace BUSINESS BLOG.

I have followed Tammy’s instructions, including deactivating all of the plugins.

I am trying not to be critical, but the 2 issues I am having again are:

1) This theme is not working

2) Although I like the clean and minimalist style, I have concluded that the documentation for this and some other themes is way too minimalist. There is pretty much no contextual help or documentation, at all. Why is this?

I have worked with wordpress for 5+ years now, have wasted an hour trying all of the pages of this theme , but without success. I can see why johan just gave up and chose another theme.

As an aside, it would be good if users could actually rate themes, as they do for themes and plugins at Does this exist somewhere on the WPMUDEV sites?

Thanks in advance for your help.