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I have just added my first post and don't see the thumbnail next to the post. You may be able to help.

See the post at the bottom here

  • Johan
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @Tammie Thanks.

    For others. I uploaded the image via the Media panel and then copied the image URL, and used HTML to add the image to the post. I did not use the feature to "add image to post." Doing it this way there's no Featured Thumb Nail showing. Only a link to click through to make an image a Featured Image.

    If you use URL/HTML way then the featured image obviously does not show until you have made an image a featured image.

    If you do it the URL/HTML way then you have to click on Featured Image link and make an associated "image a featured" image.

    I suppose - it shows when you have added the image using the image media "add image to post".

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @Johan: I am not sure what you mean I have tested this and if you use featured thumbnail it works perfectly. How and what were you adding? You have to basically either through the featured OR through media library upload the image then just click featured image when that screen is open (shown in screenshot) to insert. I think you either have a configuration issue or a plugin causing issues.

  • Johan
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @Tammie The featured thumb nail did not show because:

    1) The image was initially located on another website. I just linked to it. Because of the thumb nail problem I rather decided to add it to my media library.
    2) When I added the image to my media library I did not associate the image with any post. I just grabbed the image url and replaced the hot linked url (1) in my post. Still no thumb nail.
    3) I then went to the media library and associated the image with my post. When I did this the featured thumb nail showed.

    I hope this makes sense

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