Business Membership Directory


I have a task to create a directory of businesses who are members of the business centre they reside in. I am hoping to be able to use your Membership 2 plugin, either alone or with the help of some of your other plugins, to create a directory of these businesses, to which we can assign each staff member of the business. These staff members will have their own user accounts and will have special access to areas of the site when they're logged in.

Each business listing should have a 'team member' tab/area that will list the users who are assigned as staff members to this business, and show their photo, name etc and a link to their own user profile. We should also have areas to provide information about the business ie what they specialise in, some photos, contact form etc. The ability for businesses/staff members to communicate between each other via the website would also be ideal, perhaps with private messaging or forum-like conversations.