Business Portfolio customization

Four days ago, I put these questions up on another thread but haven’t gotten an answer, so I’ll try separately.

I’m an inexperienced member: I know WP Admin Panel and C-Panel, but not a lot of CSS & HTML, and easily get lost dealing with hosting issues or trying to figure out where code would be locating in the theme editor.

I’d appreciate y’all taking a stab at any, some or all the questions below. Please feel free to answer just one or two, if the whole lot of them is overwhelming.

The basic issue: I’m having trouble getting Business Portfolio to do some basic things:

• The site title in the title line (above the URL) either shows up twice (“Ken EdelsteinKen Edelstein”:wink: or, if I erase it under either Settings>General or under Theme>Customize, it doesn’t show up at all.

• I can’t get the index page sidebar (if that <i>is</i> a sidebar) to behave the way I want it to. I was hoping to simply place a note right below the feature photo, at the top of the column saying: “Just a few of the websites we’ve worked on” and then to simply show the logos of websites and companies I’ve worked with in two side-by-side columns below that. Instead I’m getting the “strap line” and related stuff (I don’t even understand what that is). Related: Is there not a way for me to get widgets into that sidebar?

• The headline on the post showing up on the homepage is duplicated (just as the site title is duplicated), and it’s linespace is too small, squeezing the lines together on top of each other (take a look).

• Is there a way to size the homepage feature image? Also what’s supposed to go in Theme Options > Home Settings > Home feature image?

• Is there a way to customize the page feature description so that it’s not the same for each page, and/or so that it might include images, logos and the like?

• Should I be concerned that a bunch of errors show up under Theme Check? Are those an indication that Business Portfolio will be buggy? This theme’s layout has a lot of good things for this site of mine, but are some other WPMU less likely to have problems (as indicated through Theme Check? I’m also wondering if non-WPMU plugins could be the problem, and how I can check for that? And finally should I just stick to Farms 133 and not mess with Business Portfolio?