business portfolio menu

I have installed the Business Portfolio theme along with BuddyPress and Membership. It looks great but I have two problems.

First, is the main top menu. The font is HUGE and I cannot find the CSS to change it. I have attached a PDF screen shot for you.

Second, the header with my site name cuts off the lower part of the letters in the main page that is shown to non members in Internet Explorer. It looks find in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. The page that shows when you are logged in is fine. I cannot seem to duplicate the error in a PDF convert screen shot, but I did include a regular screen shot that I converted from Word to a PDF. It is on the left monitor. It does not really show up very well. You can see it for yourself by accessing my (incomplete) site at

Simple things but I just can't seem to find ways to fix them.

I am a new subscriber to your service and I could not be more pleased with the fantastic themes, plugins and support.