Business Services Theme Menu Question.


I really like the look of the Business Services Theme seen here:

I have been trying to build my site, but I'm having difficulty with building the menu. I can't seem to figure out how to build the menu horizontally (like how "Home", "Blog", "About" scroll horizontally in the demo above). Rather, on my site, it seems that my menu is going vertically downward. What do I have to do in order to get my menu to scroll horizontally from left to right instead?

You can view my site at:

One last quick question (hopefully): Where can I locate the original image file that is in the header with the text, "Feature title, link, description, and image... " On my site, it has been replaced with a picture of my cat. What file would it be under and the name of it so I can try to see how all of this comes together.

One last point, sorry about the odd pictures of my cats on the site. I'm trying to learn as much about Wordpress as possible and this site is just a place for me to discover with and figure things out so I can build up to bigger projects.

Thanks so much for your help.