business theme - background color not changing

Hello there,

I hope this email finds you well.
I am a bit worried of seeing that almost all your themes went to legacy...does that mean no more updates to the other 34 themes, thus compatibility issues to be foreseen? the number of themes (up to date) I could get to is one of the reason I took that membership.. so I have to say I am pretty disappointed.. it doesn't look good to only have access to 4 themes when we click on themes.. pretty light for a premium package.. also i really preferred your website before, I find the new support section not as pretty/user friendly as the previous one among other things.. anyways, just wanted to give you a bit of feedback to the recent changes.. :wink:
So I got the business theme for my virtual-assistants subsite ( , enabled the child theme network wide...and first thing I wanna do, I can't.. I can't change the backgound color of the header and menus... it lets me select a new color in customize, and the color change when I select it but as soon as I save it and the page reloads, it goes back to grey... and in the "custom styling" section, it also shows as the color I selected but not on the page.. even changing it from there.
I thought it was maybe a versioning issue (since it went to legacy) but it says being compatible to wordpress 4.1 and buddypress 2.2 and that is what I have...
To further debug, I just tried the header style and color (for the text) and same thing, it changes in customize, and once I close "customize" the changes disappear.
I could dig in the css but this should be a working feature I believe..

Thanks for any help/suggestion you can provide,