Button to login using Facebook doesn't work and other issues with Ultimate FB

I am using WordPress 3.2.1, and Buddy Press 1.2.9 – single install, no MU, on http://www.idahofallsnow.com

I am having several problems.

1. New user cannot use ‘Login with Facebook’ button. Actually, no users can use this button. When clicked, it doesn’t even refresh the page.

2. The configuration of the plugin changes depending on which Administrator is logged in to the WordPress dashboard. One of these accounts links directly to my personal Facebook page and I do not want it linked to this website. No matter how many times I re-configured all the settings, it was still pulling my picture from Facebook to use on my Administrator profile when posting on Idaho Falls Now blog.

I went so far as to make my friend an administrator of my Facebook Fan Page, remove myself from the administrator role on FB, change my own login and email password on Facebook – and then re-configured the plugin using just her information. I made her account an Administrator in WordPress as well.

Now, depending on which of these two WordPress administrators is logged in, the Ultimate Facebook plugin will revert back to my personal settings and kick out the new configuration. I’ve done this cycle repeatedly over the last several hours. Needless to say I’m frustrated.

3. Given the fact that a new user who registers without using Facebook Connect never receives the activation email – another issue I need to resolve – I am super anxious to get this option up and running consistently as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!