button width and postion

i need the second section of buttons to be the same width and to overlap the bottom of the above

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    Hi allanlove ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Based on what I checked, this will require a good amount of CSS, specially for mobile. However, I may suggest you to start with something like:

    /*  Bookkeeping */
    .page-id-20 .et_pb_section_1 .et_pb_button_0_wrapper a {
        width: 210px;
        left: 100px;
    /*  Strategy */
    .page-id-20 .et_pb_section_1 .et_pb_button_1_wrapper a {
        width: 220px;
        left: 49px;
    /*  Accounts */
    .page-id-20 .et_pb_section_1 .et_pb_button_2_wrapper a {
        width: 202px;
        left: -28px;
        border-left: 0 !important;
    /*  Consulting */
    .page-id-20 .et_pb_section_1 .et_pb_button_3_wrapper a {
        left: -98px;
        width: 214px;
    /*  move up the section to the above buttons position */
    .page-id-20 .et_pb_section_1 .et_pb_row {
        top: -30px;

    The CSS code is commented and describes to what the code is targetting. I think it can help as starting point.

    Cheers, Luís

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