"Buy Now" banner (any recommendations?)

I have a client who has a "Buy Now" banner on his website. When you scroll down past X%, it slides out to display. On mobile, it shows on the bottom when you scroll down past X%. (see screenshots below)

The client had other developers who built the site… and now I'm going through and trying to fix things for him. He has an affiliate program set up using Post Affiliate Pro, which was set up before I had much say in the matter. (I'm currently rebuilding the site using WPMU plugins)

I haven't used Hustle before. Can anyone say if Hustle offers something like this, without too much customization?

If not Hustle, is there a WPMU plugin that offers a solution for this?

Ultimately, I'm looking for a solution… so WPMU or not, would you folks mind sharing your suggestions/solutions? I know of 1 plugin that will do the side and 1 that'll do the bottom, but I'm ideally looking for 1 to do both.

If you'd like to see it in action, here's a link:


(You might notice that the Buy Now button only seems to work on Affiliate links, and not the homepage w/o Affiliate link… thus, the drive for me to find the solution.)

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello splaquet

    This is possible with Hustle with a bit of custom code. With hustle, you can show the buy now banner when the visitor scrolls down 20 X%, but it doesn’t automatically disappear when the user scrolls up again. You can also set position to show the slide, there 8 available positions as well.

    So, if you need to hide the banner when the user scrolls up, please let us know and we will get help from a developer. But if not, if you want the banner will stay there always once the visitor pass X% by scrolling, then you can give a try :slight_smile:

    Please let us know. Have a nice day!



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