Bypassing "Select a Subscription"

I have a registration page hidden. Only have one type of membership at present, free, by invitation only. How can I bypass the "Select a Subscription" dialog and send people directly to the registration form (which I want to create with Gravity Forms). Please advise.

  • Mason
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    The only sort of integration I've attempted I outlined here:

    If they register through gravity forms and there's only one level that is free, why use the membership plugin? You could more easily make the content visible only to logged_in_users through a template tag and privacy settings.

    Perhaps that would work better for you in this setup? Let us know. Thanks!

  • Pixeldrummer
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    Thanks for your replies, for this question and the one re: including invite codes in a gravity form.

    I want to use the membership plugin because I may want to add a second (free) membership level to the site. That second membership type won't be able to access the forums but get to a page where members can submit their stories.

    Besides it is your membership plugin that gave me the means to actually secure the forums via url groups with regular expression. A VERY WELCOME bonus!

    I do not have to use gravity forms, but I would like to bypass the membership type selection while there is only one membership type in place and link directly to the registration form with invite code. Is that possible?

  • Mason
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    Thanks for clariying :slight_smile:

    The URL Groups are one of my favorite bits of this plugin as well :slight_smile:

    If you just have one level and it's free I'd go to Membership>Options and choose the correct subscription under "User registration". This will mean all users are automatically assigned to this level without needing to select the subscription.

    I'm not 100% sure if this feature works with gravity forms, but if it does you should be good to go.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • Pixeldrummer
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    Hi, thanks for this. I did have "User Registration" set to the one subscription that is currently set up (Kye Bay Neighbours), but you still have to select the subscription first:

    I'll try to change the register page to a 'signup' page and see if that changes things.

    By the way, can a (free) membership be based on roles? How would I set up a second FREE membership that does not present a pay button?

    On another note...Wanted to also let you know that your "BE NOTIFIED OF FOLLOW-UP POSTS VIA EMAIL" does NOT work. I never know if there is an answer waiting for me on this forum.

  • Pixeldrummer
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    Just created a new page with [subscriptionform] short code.
    A dialog still appears..
    "We have the following subscriptions available for our site. To join, simply click on the Sign Up button and then complete the registration details."
    Please advise. BTW I have to use the membership signup form because of the invite codes I want to use

  • Mason
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    Hiya @Pixeldrummer,

    If you have 2 free levels, what separates a person signing up for one vs. another? They get to choose whichever one they want, right? So why not just give the same level of access and use one level?

    Additionally, if you are offering more than one "level" you will need them to pick a subscription. You don't have to call it a subscription, you can totally customize this process by using shortcodes. Membership provides custom shortcodes which you can drop into any WordPress page or post from the dashboard and will then give you the corresponding membership component.
    [subscriptiontitle subscription="2"]

    Will display the subscription title for the 2nd subscription in membership. Other options are subscription details, subscription price, and the subscription button. You would structure them the same way:

    [subscriptiondetails subscription="2"]
    [subscriptionprice subscription="2"]
    [subscriptionbutton subscription="2"]

    As for user roles, you can definitely do this through Membership. When creating any level, choose the "advanced" mode and you'll see extra options for assigning a member of that level to a specific user role.

    Wanted to also let you know that your "BE NOTIFIED OF FOLLOW-UP POSTS VIA EMAIL" does NOT work.

    We've heard intermittent results on this and have been taking a look. Unfortunately, it's not the same for everyone so that has made troubleshooting take a bit longer.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • Pixeldrummer
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    Thanks Mason,

    Geez, I am muddling this up a bit. Sorry. I hope I can clarify this now.

    This is the current question....

    1) Currently there is one single free membership (people who live or have property at Kye Bay).
    2) It's by invitation only. Members will be entered manually, or, if we missed someone, we want to be able to send them to the registration page (which is not on any menu) where they can register if they have an invite code. These members have access to the forums and will receive specific newsletters.

    This is now, that's why we don't want to go through a membership selection process just to the registration form.

    I diluted the question with a future scenario...

    A) Down the road, i.e. in the future we may add another free membership for those who want to contribute their stories. They would not have access to the forums like the members as above. We'd have a second, more public registration form.
    B) These members would be able to get to an area where they can submit their stories/memories, perhaps pictures about their connection with Kye Bay. These stories will (after approval) become public posts.

    I understand that if there are two memberships there might have to be a decision dialog.

    As for the EMAIL NOTIFICATION, I did get notified about your most recent response.

  • Pixeldrummer
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    OK I can mark this as solved now.

    It seems that because I fiddled around so much with setting up this site, securing the forum, changing the name of the membership, changing the name of the stranger setting, the Membership plugin thinks there are 4 memberships.

    I believe I can work around this subscription selection now, and/or perhaps clean up the database. You did give me the right answers, but because of the very lengthy setup of this particular site and the trial and error approach to some aspects of it, It's my problem now to clean this up.

    Thank you for your help. The membership plugin works very well!

  • Mason
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    Hiya @pixeldrummer,

    The tricky part on these kinds of sites is that no two are exactly alike. We built the membership plugin with a lot of flexibility in mind, but even still we're finding new use cases that we never thought of and the plugin doesn't handle.

    It's a real job to think through things like member signups, hidden content, etc and we'er all learning as we go along. Please do let us know if we can assist further.


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