CACE REWRITING ON APACHE VPS - it was working, now its not - what happened?

How can I tell what went wrong within my server. Cache rewriting was working, then I am not sure what I did to enact this change. Any thoughts? I'm not the best when it comes to programming or any backend knowledge, just know very basic ideas. I'm all SEO and marketing. Please help.

.htaccess maybe?


some type of config file on the server?


Can you guys even tell like I am presuming that you can from where you are sitting.....?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you greatly.





  • Denitsa

    Hello Austin,
    I hope you are having an amazing day and thanks for asking!

    I am not able to tell if your apache rewrite is working, I'd probably need access to your server for that :slight_smile:

    How did you enable caching in the first place and will you show us your .htaccess file here? If you would provide Apache's server configuration file (usually called httpd.conf) that'd be awesome too! Here's a list of locations for the Apache files depending on the os and version, you'd be looking for Apache Config File.

    Also, did you install some sort of caching plugin, like W3 Total cache for example? That beig said, will you please make a basic plugin conflict test? To perform it, please follow all the steps described on a flowchart in this article (you may need to scroll the page down a little):

    Let me know how it goes!

    Warm regards,

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