Cacheing, using hummingbird with other chache plugins

If I am already using a cacheing plugin, will hummingbird's cacheing work on top of that? Should I uninstall the old caching plugin, does it have all the features of the well known cacheing plugins like w3 total cache, super cache, and wpRocket?

  • Vaughan

    Hi Jonathan,

    Hope you're well?

    Humming birds cache is browser cache only, browser cache is not as powerful as proper page or object caching which plugins like w3 cache & wp-rocket provide, so you can use 1 of those for the extra benefits that they will give you.

    The caveats are, you should only enable browser caching in 1 plugin. So if your other cache plugin also has browser caching, then you have no need to enable hummingbird browser cache (or vice versa)

    GZIP compression, again, some cache plugins like wp-rocket also have a feature for gzip compression, so you should only enable this on1 of the plugins, but not both.

    Minification, again, if you have other plugins that offer this, then you should only use one of them, so disable it in the other plugin. I know wp-rocket has this feature, & i think w3 cache does.

    But other than those, you should be fine. either way though, please let us know if you do have any issues when using other cache plugins alongside.

    Hope this helps

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