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Re: Hummingbird – My cache keeps emptying out and starts over every couple of days. I do not believe that should happen. I had a couple hundred pages cached as of yesterday and they are gone today and starting over. Third time this has happened. Also, my website's performance test is at 77. Even with more pages cached I still tested at 77. This is about where I was before I installed Hummingbird & Smush Pro. Thanks!

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Lynette,

    Hope you’re doing well.

    Hummingbird doesn’t clear caching on its own if you didn’t make any changes on your site.

    You might want to try going to Hummingbird > Caching > Settings panel and select Manual option to see if it’s still happening after that.

    I also see that you have 4 admin accounts on your site, are you sure that none of them cleared the cache?

    As for the page score, reports in there are mostly related to external resources, for example, Google Review widget that’s loads file that are not hosted on your server so it’s not something that can be cached from your end and is controlled by the source itself.

    You can try temporarily disabling any plugins or removing code that loads content from external sources and see if your score is improved after that.

    Best regards,


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