What is a caching system? Does wordpress come with one? Do I need it for my multi-site?

  • happyimu
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    Caching is used to speed up a website by putting static/less-frequently changing content OR a very frequently accessed content (Read access) onto a faster memory.

    So, when thousands of users access ur website; these pages or web contents are served from the cache (the faster memory) rather than the web-server thus reducing load on the web-server & typically speeding up page lookups

    THere are many wordpress plugins to enable caching – W3TC & WP SuperCache are popular. There are several others too. Now again…what I explained above was caching in general (relating only to webpages); but u cud use the same concept to cache DB queries, images, etc etc…

    These caching plugins must be setup correctly to ensure that it works well

    yea…u can use caching on multisite //….thou W3TC is not multisite compatible :slight_frown:

    – Harry

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey Grace,

    As Harry explained, caching is a process used to reduce server load and improve site performance. Without caching, every time a page is requested by a browser, WordPress would have to fetch the entire page from the database, blend it with your theme and present it to the user.

    Now think of 1000’s of users doing the same. WordPress would have to do that a thousand times, but essentially the result that is delivered to the end user would be the same.

    Now think of WordPress making one copy and that copy is saved and the copy being delivered to 1000 users. That’s more efficient, right?

    This is my simple understanding of Caching.

    As Harry said, w3 cache and WP Super cache are the most used caching plugins. WordPress doesn’t come with a caching solution out of the box.

    There is a plugin called Quick Cache for multisite:

    btw, its best to consult with your host and see what plugin they recommend. Use of Caching plugins often create server side troubles and sometimes slows down and reduce performance instead of doing the opposite.


  • skopy9581
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    no, you dont need any caching plugin, if you are fine with your webpage loading times…

    also to note, google started measuring loadtimes so it impacts your ranking on search.

    if your website takes few sec to load its ok, but if it takes for example 10 or more you are losing customers that dont like to wait and losing ranking on google…

    for example you can test how your website performs here

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