Calendar display blocking out additional time

My client needs to allow patients to book appts at 15,30,45 and on the hour.
Appointments are currently set to 45 mins for one service and 60 mins for the others (ideally want 50 mins and not 45 but I can't get the system to do that and let people book at e.g. 9.15 - unless you can advise otherwise).
When I do a test booking the system adds on an extra 30 mins at the beginning of the appt on the calendar display - e.g. I booked a 45 min appt on Weds 28th May at 5.30 and the system calendar display shows it is booked from 5 to 6.15pm.
In the Appointments section in the admin side, the appt shows 45 mins at the right start time of 5.30.

Can you take a look and let me know what's causing this display on the calendar?

I have granted you access to the site.

Many thanks!

  • pxwm

    Hi @mlshop

    Many thanks for the additional info.

    I've checked the settings and your website and some of the settings need further investigation and also the way your calendar schedule displays.

    Based on the above could you please provide some further screenshots of the following:-

    >A+ 'Service Providers' tab for 'no specific provider' and ALL the Service Providers'
    >A+ 'Working Hours' tab for 'no specific provider' and ALL the 'Service Provides'

    >Then if you could post the shortcodes in your Appointments page with the page set to 'Text'


  • pxwm

    Hi @mlshop

    Many thanks for the additional info.

    I've checked the settings and would appreciate if you could try the following:-

    >You appear to have a duplicate shortcode: [app_pagination step="2"]
    Could you please remove then Save

    >Could you then Select >Appointments >>Settings >>>Working Hours
    Then Select 'no specific provider' from the dropdown
    Then Set the 'Work?' field to 'No' for everyday
    Then Save

    Then try making an appointment and check in the Admin if the correct start is showing.

    If not then could you try the following:-

    Take a backup of your site and database
    Then deactivate all plugins except A+
    Then try making an appointment and see if the correct start time is showing in Admin
    If it is could you then Activate each plugin one at a time and then repeat the test
    If the start time is still incorrect could you revert to a default Wordpress theme and then repeat the test.

    I hope this helps

  • mlshop

    OK, I tried the first lot of steps and no change.
    By the way, the correct time is always showing in the Admin view of appointments - it is the Calendar view that adds on the extra 30 mins before the start time.

    I notice that the problem is now affecting the hour long Hypnosis session.
    Previously it was just the Consultation that caused the issue.

    It is my night-time here, so I will try the deactivation of plugins tomorrow morning.

  • pxwm

    Hi @mlshop

    Many thanks for the update.
    I've re-read your original post and and tried on your appointment page and would appreciate if you could confirm the following:-

    Is the appointment calendar showing the incorrect time slot (30mins ahead) once you have made an appointment?

    e.g. Book a 45min 'Service' for 17h30 and once booked it shows the time slot 17h00 to 17h45 as being booked


  • mlshop

    I deactivated all the plugins except for WP-Bakery Visual Composer an editing tool that comes with the theme that I was unable to deactivate.

    I am a bit nervous about switching themes as I don't want settings to disappear and have to reset everything.
    If we can't find anything else at fault then am happy to try it though.

    I wondered whether it was to do with the time differences in the services, so I made all services 45 minutes, but that has made no difference.

    Looking back, I worked out that it was all working fine until I installed the add-on 'Duration' as I wanted people to make appts on 15, 30 and 45 past not just on the hour.

    I deactivated that add-on and the adding on of the extra time has stopped now.

    However, my client does need to be able to offer people to book at these intervals.

    You can see in screenshot general-settings-first-section.png above, the settings I had on 'Duration' /Time Slot Calculus add-on.

    Maybe those settings were wrong?
    Are you able to help out with being able to get these times available for selection at all?


  • pxwm

    Hi @mlshop,

    I can confirm that we have a demo site with 'Durations' activated and it works fine.

    If you take a backup of your site and a database backup before reverting to a default theme then if any settings are changed you have a rollback option.

    I was going to ask if I could make an appointment on your site to test but I notice you have deactivated the 'Duration' Add-on.


  • mlshop

    Thanks SteveB,

    I have run out of time at the mo (I am in Oz and so my working day is opposite to yours unfortunately), but have reinstalled Duration and have put the same settings as before.
    So feel free to try making appointments.

    I will try and look later on and see if you have added anything further and if not I will try reverting to a default theme.

    Is your demo also linked up to Google Calendar? This site is.
    Might that have any bearing at all?

  • pxwm

    hI Marie-Laure,

    Many thanks and I'll make an appointment and test.

    Having Google calendar set up shouldn't make a difference.
    However out of interest are you making the appointments through A+ or you Google calendar when you experience the 30min difference?
    I have known time problems when making appointment through google calendar.
    If you are making the appointments through google calendar you may wish to check the time zone settings in your google account.


  • mlshop

    ok, have switched theme but no change - booking a consultation (45 mins) adds an extra 30 mins before start time and booking a hypnosis session (60mins) adds 45 mins.

    I have left TwentyFourteen theme active for you - not sure if you need it?
    I have some other work to do for about an hour, so if you can let me know whether I can revert back to the correct theme I'd be grateful - if client checks the site he might have kittens seeing it like it is!

    What's next?

  • pxwm

    Hi Marie-Laure,

    I've made a few appointments and it is working fine.
    I think I know what is happening.

    If you would like to activate your theme and confirm it is displaying correctly.

    Know what I think is happening.

    You are making an appointment for say: 45 min appt on Weds 28th May at 5.30 and you state the system calendar display shows it is booked from 5 to 6.15pm.

    However what is happening is correct because your start time in the afternoon is 17h00 so if you book an appointment at 17h30 it means that you cannot book a 45min 'Service' between 17h00 and 17h30 so it blocks the 2 x 15 min time slots out.
    The same would be the case for a 60min 'Service' but this time it would potentially block out up to 3 x 15 min (45min) time slots.

    Therefore I think A+ is working correctly.
    To confirm try deleting all your appointments and then try booking an appointment for a 45 min 'Service on 28 May 14 at 17h00 and it should block out between 17h00 and 17h45

    Please let me know if this works
    I hope this helps


  • mlshop

    Hmm not sure on this. I presume you mean finish time?

    The same problem is happening when I book an appointment in the middle of the day, which would not be constrained by the start or end of day time.

    Plus Mon, Tues and Weds the provider works until 19h00. so only friday that he stops at 5.

    Also I have the setting enabled to allow people to book a session towards the end of the day to allow for going beyond closing time.

    Of course I would be delighted if it is working properly but I can't see what has changed? but maybe I am misunderstanding.

    Do I really need to delete all appts?
    Fine of course, to get rid of the test ones, but there are some that are real that my client put in.
    I can redo but would prefer not to have to if not really necessary.


  • pxwm

    Hi Marie-Laure,

    Sorry, didn't realise you had live appointments.
    Therefore just delete the test appointments.
    I did mean the start time but it also applies to the end time as well.

    You state "Also I have the setting enabled to allow people to book a session towards the end of the day to allow for going beyond closing time."

    Could you please confirm what setting you have made to allow appointments beyond the end time so I can check.

    If okay I'll make some more test appointments to check if my assumption is correct.


  • pxwm

    Hi Marie-Laure,

    I've just booked a 60min 'Service' on 4 June 14 at 11h00 and it has blocked out from 10h15 to 12h00 and this is correct.

    The reason it will block 45mins before the appointment is because you cannot book a 60min 'Service' in a 45min slot.
    Therefore if you book a 'Service from 11h00 to 12h00 then the only slots available before this time would be 10h00 and as you have the time slots showing in 15min increments then it will show 10h00 to 10h15 which means if you booked this the appointment would be from 10h00 to 11h00.

    So in my view it is working fine.

    Please Note: My explanation above only relates to the 60min 'Service' and if the same time slots were available for the 45min 'Service' then it will block 2 x 15min (30mins) time slots before for the same reason.

    I hope this helps

  • mlshop

    I don't grasp your reasoning is fine if there are back to back appts from 10 to 11 and 11-12 and I don't get where you find a 45 min slot to squeeze a 60min appt into?

    This adding of additional time is happening on dates further into the future, where there are no other bookings.

    Either way, if we take your reasoning as given, then this is a crazy situation - someone might want to book a Consultation which lasts 45 mins, which they should be able to do in that slot.
    This seems to be a severe limitation of this plugin and can't believe it hasn't cropped up before?

    I must be misunderstanding - can you explain your argument again?

  • pxwm

    Hi Marie-Laure,

    To confirm you can book a 45min 'Service' in the time slot.

    I'll try and explain but suggest the best way to understand the logic would be to make a few bookings across different 'Services' with different durations.


    >Select a 60min 'Service' and a 'Service Provider'
    >Book an appointment at 11h00
    >Once booked Select a 60min 'Service' to check the time slots
    >The time slots will be blocked out from 10h15 to 12h00
    >To confirm another 60min 'Service' can be booked at 10h00 to 11h00
    >Now Select a 45min 'Service' and 'Service Provider' and check the same time slot
    >It should now show the time slots from 10h30 to 12h00 blocked
    >Therefore you can book a 45min 'Service at 10h15 to 11h00
    >The same thing would happen if you had a 30min 'Service'. ie. time slots 10h45 to 12h00 would be blocked out and you could book a 30min 'Service' from 10h30 to 11h00 or earlier

    I would suggest the reason it can appear confusing is that you have 15 time slots set

    I hope this is a better explanation of the A+ rules


  • Vaughan

    Hi @mlshop,

    Many thanks to Steve @pxwm for your superb assistance on this as usual. :slight_smile:

    @mlshop, Hopefully Steve has helped you underatand this a lot more, we are hoping to make appointments timings a lot more flexible in a future release, but hopefully with the assistance Steve has provided it should be clearer for you to understand.

    If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.


  • mlshop

    Thanks Steve, I appreciate your time spent on this.
    I understand what is happening now.

    From a users' point of view, they will see that there is only 15 mins available when they want to book a longer appointment, however I will add some wording in so that they know.
    It does seem like a major flaw, so I am pleased to hear that you will be making improvements.

    I don't mind these messages being available for others to see but would prefer the screenshots to be removed - are you able to do that?

    best regards

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