Calendar Isn't Updating

I've submitted two other support tickets and while I've received feedback, the issues have not yet been resolved. So...I'm trying to workaround the issues until WPMU Dev is able to come up with fixes.

First I deleted the Our Events page from the navigation bar so visitors to the site wouldn't click on two different links that rendered pages that contain the same content (About Us and Our Events). Then I created a new recurring event titled Support Meetings using Events+. Then I opened the Calendar page to see if the new event appeared on the calendar that had originally been generated through Events+ using the draggable widget feature.

Unfortunately, I found that the calendar isn't updating. And the widget, when opened to review its content, doesn't appear as it did in the past i.e., it doesn't contain a list of items from which to select that are generated by Events+ such as current events or archive.

Can you please help resolve this issue?

I look forward to hearing from you.