Calendar list of events by day

Is it possible to expand the list of calendar events for a specific day beyond 10? We are working on a week long effort which has up to 25 events for students to choose from. They will need to see the full list by day.

Or, is there a different calendar we should consider using? We would like for them to be able to register/RSVP, etc.


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    I believe that could done with a very minor edition to the plugin code. If you take a look at line 800 of bp-group-calendar.php you should see the following:
    $limit = " LIMIT 10";

    You should be able to get your desired result by setting that numeric amount as you like. You should be able to access this file right from the plugin editor in your admin area to make things simpler. From your plugins list, you could select to Edit this plugin and then select the file bp-group-calendar.php from the list of files to the right.

    You could get to this particular line easily by searching that page for the string "limit 10" in your browser.

    Let me know if any of that needs clarification and I'll see how I can assist. :slight_smile:


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