Calendar not reflecting selected Service Provider's schedule

I have a page where I am showing Service Providers who offer a particular Service. I need the calendar to update with the selected Service Provider's available appointment times. The calendar does not reflect the selected Service Provider's Exceptions, Schedule, or Break Times. Also, the Confirmation is not reflecting the Appointment Date & Time. I would also like to know if I can control the display of a custom field with a shortcode? I only want my custom field or notes field to show on certain pages.

Can you help? I realize I may have this set up wrong. Here are the shortcodes I'm using:

[app_service_providers select="Select Your Trainer" service="2"]

[app_monthly_schedule autorefresh="1" title="Schedule for START" logged="Click on your desired date to see available appointment times."]

[app_pagination step="2" month="1"]