Calendars placed under Buddypress navigation tab is unresponsive

Problem Statement: The calendar created under the navigation tabs are unresponsive.

Unresponsive UI: "Show Available Times" button, The dates, The times.
Only Responsive UI: "Next Month" button

I successfully created a tab under buddypress profiles and was able to callback the same exact shortcodes present on the default Make An Appointment page through a function that contains the following php codes.

<?php echo do_shortcode("[app_services]"); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode("[app_service_providers]"); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode("[app_monthly_schedule]"); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[app_pagination month="1"]'); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode("[app_login]"); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode("[app_confirmation]"); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode("[app_paypal]"); ?>

Everything shows up just fine. Literally, every single visual is present, meaning it looks exactly the same as the default Make An Appointment page except..... that most of the calendar UI is unresponsive to my clicks.

When I am clicking on those UI buttons, dates and times, is the Appointments+ plugin looking for a page? Any particular reason why this wouldn't work under the navigation tab?
If it only works through only, is there a method to recall this very same page (that contains the calendar) under the profile navigation tabs?
Why would it work on "Next Month" button only? Anything different about this one?