Calling all WP Users - Wordpress, or server auto caching pages ... please help

Hello everyone!

I could use your help ...

I checked all of my clients' websites, and this particular thing is happening on all of them, across the board.

I was hoping some of you could test this on your websites, and tell me if it is happening to you.

If it is ... it is a Wordpress issue. If it is not ... it is a server issue.

So, here is the test:

First, I go to a website, and browse around, going to as many pages as I can. NOTE: please make sure you are LOGGED OUT.

Second, LOG IN

Third, go back to the pages that you went to while logged out, and see if the admin bar is there, meaning that you are logged in.

Fourth, if the admin bar is there, please report that to me... If the admin bar is not there, please refresh your page. THEN, if the admin bar shows up, report that to me.


Please test this on a few of your Wordpress installs, so we can get a good benchmark going.

Either Wordpress or my server is automatically caching every page that I go to, which is great for load times, but it is conflicting with LOGGED IN functionality... well, really it is conflicting with anything DYNAMIC functionality.

I look forward to hearing from a number of you. Like I said, if you have the same issue, then Wordpress is somehow causing this. Otherwise, I will contact my host to see if they have some server-side caching going on.

NOTE: I am not using a caching plugin.

Thanks for your help!