Can a contact form be added to each listing's detail page? - Directory Plugin

Say, one business owner paid and signed up to list his/her business info in our WordPress Directory website, can he add a contact form right there on the listing page?

So, the visitors (potential customers), while still on the listing page, can fill out the contacf form on that page to ask for something (quote, call back, inquiry, etc.) without going to the email or to the business owner's website to find the contact form there.

And the message will be emailed to the business owner's email directly. (so if we, the webmaster, can keep a copy of it, that would be sweeter, which can be used to charge the business owner - Cost per Lead, LOL )

A close example can be found here: (the form is on the top-right section, and the multiple pages/choices form is over-kill for us, as we just want simple, typical forms for now).

Can we do that with this WP directory plugin?

Technically, we may install a contact form plugin and add some kind of short code there (if short code is available), but still we need to figure out a way to add the email reception's address somewhere, whether or not the business owner (not Internet/technical savvy) can handle there "complicated"/coding related steps is up for debates. So, in short, if the WP directorty plugin can do it automatically by checking off a few selection boxes and enter reception's email address (or just default to member's registration emaill account), we (and our clients) will be really happy :slight_smile: