Can any of the WPMU plugins be used to clone an individual WordPress install?

Cloner appears to only be for child site cloning within an MU network. What plugin(s) can I use to close a standalone WP install?

I'm new to the forums here and did attempt to search around, but didn't find anything.

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    Hello 33BLACKDOT,
    Hope you are doing good today and warm welcome to WPMU DEV :slight_smile:

    Yes, cloner is indeed for WordPress MultiSites. For cloning WordPress single/standalone sites, you can use our Snapshot Pro plugin.

    Using this plugin, you can do this in two ways.

    1. Using regular snapshot archive.
    a. Create a snapshot from Dashboard -> Snapshot -> Add New.
    b. Install Snapshot on target site.
    c. Download snapshot archive from source site and upload to
    /wp-content/uploads/snapshots/ folder.
    d. Go to Dashboard -> Snapshot -> Import -> Scan / Import Snapshots
    e. Now finally go to Dashboard -> Snapshot -> All Snapshots. Find the recently imported archive
    and run import.

    2. By using remote managed backup option of Snapshot Pro.
    a. Go to Dashboard -> Snapshot -> Managed Backup of you existing/source site.
    b. Create a backup by clicking on Backup now.
    c. Once complete, go to on The Hub -> My Sites -> Your current site -> Backup. Here you will see all your remote backups.
    d. Find the most recent one.
    e. Click on cloud icon.

    f. From popup, download Full Backup archive and Snapshot Installer.

    g. Extract snapshot-standalone-restore-script on your computer.
    h. Upload both files on your target site/server.
    i. Navigate to your site in the browser by accessing the file. The URL should be like:
    j. Follow the wizard to restore the site.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,
    Sajid - WPMU DEV Support

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