Can any shopping cart take more than one paypal accounts?

I set up a website to sell stuffs for other people and the money will (have to) go to each people’s paypal or account directly (so I cannot use my own paypal account to accept payment), and I need the shopping cart to record the succesful transations for each people/product, so later I can run a report to find out how much I have sold for each people in order to calculate my commissions.

The keys here are:

1. the money (transaction proceeds) needs to go to each people’s paypal or account directly, not mine.

2. I need to know the details of each successful transation – the shopping cart will record that, but most likely it allows only one paypal account to be linked to in the shopping cart setup, here I need multiple. (otherwise I could link to each people’s paypal account on my site without the shopping cart, but if i do that, I do not know how much was sold because I do not have access to other people’s paypal account.)

Any suggestions? Thank you!