can anyone help me how can i remove the wp-admin ,and

Hi can anyone help me how can i remove the wp-admin ,and wp-login and change it to other prefixes or name, let say.

admin or login…

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    But is it possible?

    Sure… everything is possible!

    You will have to hack the WordPress core and manually remove any reference to wp-admin and wp-login and make them admin and login respectively.

    Then you will have to do the same for all your plugins and themes.

    If you’re on a linux system you could try using these 2 commands on your terminal:

    find /path-to-wordpress-here -type f -exec sed -i 's/wp-admin/admin/g' {} ;

    find /path-to-wordpress-here -type f -exec sed -i 's/wp-login/login/g' {} ;

    After that, you will have to manually rename any filenames that contain wp-admin to contain admin and any filenames that contain wp-login to login, both on WordPress core as well as any themes and plugins you have installed.

    i think its better if the wp is remove , so it will apppear as a normal site and will be hide that it is running on wordpress

    There’s no reason to hide that a site is running on WordPress…

    WordPress is really secure and there are measures you can take to secure it even more!



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