can appointments+ gcal synchronization block off hours from service providers calendar?

if i have my service provider schedule something on their google calendar that occupies working hours, can appointments+ import those hours and make them not available?

what is the point of two way synchronization in appointments+ how would it be used

  • Ash

    Hello @whl9er

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    Yes, it can integrate from gCal, just you need to set Integration mode like A+ <-> GCal. Please check the screenshot.

    Please note that:

    Select method of integration. A+ -> GCal setting sends appointments to your selected Google calendar, but events in your Google Calendar account are not imported to Appointments+ and thus they do not reserve your available working times. A+ <-> GCal setting works in both directions. This synchronization is not immediate; it requires at least some traffic to your website and not handled less than 10 minutes intervals. To update it manually use "Import and Update Events Now" link which is only visible if the settings let it so.

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more question if you have.


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Arcanist,

    No, this is not possible at the moment in Appointments+. With exceptions days you can only block whole days as not working.
    Please note that this is quite old thread and if you have question not entirely related to the thread subject it is better to create separate thread to avoid annoying author of the thread with posts not related to they question.

    kind regards,

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