Appointments + information transfer between sites in multisite possible?

I am going to be having a multisite (subdirectories) and each of these will have the appointments + plugin installed.

I want to display the information from the subsites that the shortcodes generate on the main site, so that people can check for availability and services there.

Since shortcodes do this within a site, would it be a lot of coding to extend this to a main site within a multisite?

  • David

    @Vaughan and appointments + plugin author

    This is my full situation and you might be able to immediately see a way of accomplishing what I need in an easier way. I would really appreciate some expert insight into this. I will be wanting to get someone to do this for me.

    I want to set up a multisite with the main site as a directory and the subsites belonging to various professionals. I had been thinking about using the Business Directory plugin as the directory.

    Example: (this is just an example, any links to other sites are purely accidental) (main site) (subsite) (subsite)

    Each subsite will have the appointments + plugin installed for the professional to schedule appointments.

    Now the directory typically has an exerpt (short description) of the professional which you click to bring you to the main profile page with all the information.

    However, I need to provide the appointment availability on the main directory profile page. This would probably mean (as already mentioned) customing coding to pull this information from the subsite and display it on the directory main profile page. Which potentially could be a lot of coding and hence expense.

    The other possibility is for me is to design each subsite homepage as if it was the main directory profile page and then there would be no problem displaying the appointment information using shortcodes.
    I would then only need the directory to be like a directory of websites - with the short exerpt, if clicked (instead of taking you to a main profile page) taking you to the homepage of the subsite. This would probably involve some custom coding of the directory plugin as I would still need the ability to search according to certain criteria, such as location, name and expertise (already provided in exerpt).

    The directory won't need to pull information from the subsite as the professional would go through the normal 'create a listing' section and only input the information that would create the exerpt. One of the things they would put in a field would be their subsite address ie. and that would be used as the link rather than to the link of the main profile page. There would be some coding required to do this, but do you believe it would be easier than coding to pull the appointments + information from each subsite?

    What do you think will be my best approach?
    Thanks and I appreciate the time and help!

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