Can Appt+ email you before appt is confirmed?

Hello I am setting up this plugin for a financial advisor who'd like to take bookings online for appts.
He is a one man band so I have removed the service provider options as not needed.
Customers need to be able to see available dates and book a slot without logging in.
Before it is confirmed can this then send an email to the advisor so he then gets the option of accepting the apt or calling the booker to rearrange?
Also can he remotely block out days that he is not available. He doesn't venture into the backend.

  • Patrick

    Hey there @David H

    I hope you are well today!

    That depends: is he offering free appointments, or is payment required?

    If free, simply set "Auto confirm" to "No" under "Accessibility Settings". That will set the booking to "Pending" and will require manual confirmation. However, he will need to do that in the backend.

    Then set "Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required" to "Yes" to send the email.

    If payment is required, then the answer is no, payment will automatically confirm the appointment.

    Also can he remotely block out days that he is not available

    If you have enabled Gcal synchronization, then he can use the Google Calendar associated with Appointments+ to block off days that he's not available.

  • David H

    Hey Patrick, thanks.
    Yes it free appts he does. So that seems to work although having to sign in as an admin kinda bums that out as he won't want to do that. He has no interest in messing in website backends.
    (He posts by email and I am still trying to find a way for him to approve comments made on site as there is no forwarding on of comments and remote approval there either)

    So there is no remote Appt confirming available? Shame there isn't remote access to that in the email notice just to tick a yes or not. Occurs to me that not all users who have the Appts will need to go into the site. Dev team take note!!!

    The Google calender is a great idea, I will look into that. Cheers

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