Can appts be used to schedule and fill classes

Can the appts plugin be used to show classes and have members sign up? In addition to the typical appointment settings.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Editih,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm not sure what do you mean by "show classes". The plugin does show booking calendar but I guess that's not what you need so could you please elaborate a bit on your goal?

    As for having members sign up. You can set appointments to require users to be logged in to the site in order for them to be able to book appointments. However, the plugin doesn't handle any specific kind of registrations/signup, it's simply using default Wordpress registration flow.

    If you could describe in a bit more detailed way what you wish to achieve with that setup, I believe I'd be able to give you some more useful suggestions :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Edith

    Good morning Adam! Let me walk through an example of what I'd love to be able to do.

    A client goes to my calendar. Perhaps they want to book an appt. Great. We got that covered.

    But in addition to offering personal appointments, I'd like to be able to offer scheduled classes. They would ideally appear on my calender, the same one as when clients go to book their appointments so they can see what else is happening that month. And, if interested, they could schedule themselves into that class. The class may or may not have a fee associated with it and may or may not be limited in number of participants.

    For example, I have open slots on Monday and Tuesdays for one on one coaching sessions. On Wednesday evening, I want to offer a class on the benefits of meditation. This is a free unlimited availability class. Then I want to follow up with Meditation 101, this would require a fee and be limited to say 10 people so everyone gets support during the class.

    When client A goes to book their weekly coaching session, they would see this on the schedule and perhaps decide to attend.

    I know I could use the sidebar and set it up as course/product. But I was wondering if there was a way to have in the monthly appointment calendar? (And so I wouldn't forget to make myself unavailable during that time....) Plus, it would be politely in their face.... :slight_smile:

    The MindBody Software operates this way but that's not an avenue I want to use.

    Thanks for the awesomeness!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Edith,

    Thank you for this additional clarification.

    I think that'd be a case of "three scenarios in one" so let me try to "break it down" as some of that can be achieved but not all.

    1) First scenario is a "one on one" coaching which is already supported by Appointments+ so, as you said, it's already covered.

    2) Second one would be "scheduled classes" of limited availability

    This can be supported with a little "trick". For each of such classes you would want to create a new service (e.g. "My free limited class") but then decide on a maximum number of students allowed to sign up. You'd need to create as many service providers as that number is, these can be "dummy" providers though.

    Then you'd need to repeat that for another class (e.g. "My paid limited class") where you set that up the same way but put a price on it.

    That should handle the "limited availability" classes.

    3) Unlimited availability scheduled classes

    This is something that Appointments+ might not be able to handle I'm afraid. Possibly, you could decide on some "abstract" number of available concurrent bookings that would be large enough to make an impression of "unlimited" number but then with such setup I'm afraid it could slow Appointments+ significantly and make the setup very complex, thus difficult to even diagnose in case something didn't work as expected.

    The Events+ however, as it supports "recurring events" and has a built in calendar, could be a way to go. It could easily handle both 2nd and 3rd scenario, including "limited" and "unlimited" availability and "paid" and "free" options. Take a look here please:

    While these events wouldn't be listed on Appointments+ booking calendar, I think you could display Events+ calendar on the same page or in widget as a second calendar or maybe even "hack" Appointments+ confirmation form template to display that Events+ calendar (so a class schedule) to users that booked your individual sessions.

    If you have additional questions, let me know please.

    Best regards,