Can Autoblog dashboard stats be used front end?

I'm curious if I can use the dashboard statistics (processed and imported feeds numbers specifically, maybe even errors) on the front end. Not looking for the bar chart or anything fancy, just the numbers for the day.

  • Alexander

    Hi @adrian,

    I've looked into this, and it's going to take quite a bit of code to accomplish. I'd recommend starting by duplicating this file:


    Then rename the class to something suitable for the front end. This will give you the basic structure to work with. There's already a front end module, but what you want is a page module that is front end usable.

    In the constructor for this class, you'll want to change the action to something else, or use the 'handle_dashboard_page' function with a shortcode instead.

    Finally, in autoblogpremium.php around line 191, you'll want to instantiate your new class, similar to how the others have been on the few lines above. This will make your shortcode ready to use on the front end.

    I've not tested this, and what I'm describing is just to get started - you'd need to tweak the functions in the new class to display correctly on the front end.

    Overall, of you're not familiar with PHP, I wouldn't recommend undertaking something like this. It would take a good grasp of object oriented programming in PHP.

    I will move this to Features & Feedback though so we can see what other community members think, and so it can be considered for future development. If you need to hire a developer, I'd strongly recommend checking our our job boards:

    Best regards,

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