Can "Batch Create" be customized to associate a "Blog Template" site during the

The “Batch Create” and “Blogs and Users” plugins allow me to quickly create the student sites but unfortunately I can’t create the new site from a predefined template site.

Current I use the “Blog Template creator” plugin to flag a specific site as a temple site ” ie “My Portfolio Gr. 5″ and then one by one I generate a new site for existing students that have all the pre-set information included. This is great for one-off’s but at the start of the school year I have thousands of sites to create. I would like to be able to ” batch create” multiple new sites and pull from a defined template. ( I don’t want to have to touch new sites and import in all the posts pages and settings.

Ideally, I would also like to automate the creation of sites to synced users that exist in our central Ldap and then generate the links to the new sites on a Blog roll on the teachers site.

Any idea’s

I think Edu Blogs has a custom plugin that does some of this without the ldap directory piece.