Can chained payments exclude Shipping and Tax?

I noticed that my Chained Payment % is removed from the total price of the product (including shipping and tax). Is there a way to change that so that my commission is removed from the product price only?


  • Jack Kitterhing

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    I'm afraid that wouldn't work, as your % comes off the total of the product that get's passed to PayPal, and the only way around that would be to pass the sub total to PayPal then the % would only come off the product price, however this wouldn't work as then your store owners wouldn't get their full payment, as they'd be missing the tax and shipping costs. This is a limitation with PayPal, as that's take eBay as an example, if someone buys something from you there and pays with PayPal, then you also get charged the PayPal fee on the shipping, whereas the eBay fees are added to the account total.

    It may be possible to do something like that, if you trust your store owners would pay, it would require customizations, but perhaps create it, so that rather than commission coming direct to you upon checkout, it would add the % to a invoice for that user that could be payed say for example every month, so basically create a mini invoice system that integrates with MarketPress.

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  • ray_rheault

    Well, I think I got it working. I've tested it and it seems good - but definitely let me know if there's something I'm missing.

    in paypal_chained_payments.php

    Line 638 --> $totalnotaxnoship = $total;

    Line 649/650 (now 650/651) --> //calculate fees
    $fee = round( ($network_settings['gateways']['paypal-chained']['percentage'] * 0.01) * $totalnotaxnoship, 2);

    Now the Fee is calculated using $totalnotaxnoship (shipping and taxes are calculated between 639 and 649).

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