Can conditionally load style and script reduce memory usage?

My site currently take up 100mb memory usage. I want to lower the usage. Obviously disable plugin can reduce this number. But all my plugins (mostly plugin for WPMU) are essential for all my operation.

Question 1: Can conditionally load style and script brought by the plug-ins based on pages lower the memory usage? I know this will lower the load time and YSlow score. But this is not what I care about now. I only want to know if this effort will lower the server memory usage.

Question 2: is there other effect way to lower memory usage beside disable plugin and caching (I am using W3TC).

I use Memory Views and it said plugins_loaded take up 90MB. And the rest combine including theme load and loops only take up 10mb. I want to know what the hell is plugins_loaded? And how I can reduce that number or know more what causing it…