Can Coursepress keep a record of assessment failures

As a bit of exposition, I want to explain that I am trying to set-up CoursePress Pro as a new LMS for a legitimate continuing education provider. I say legitimate, because there are strict requirements and the possibility of audits from accreditation and credentialing bodies.

Here's the issue - we need to keep detailed records of when students pass or fail an examination. As it is, it seems that CoursePress Pro over-writes or deletes records of assessment failures once a student passes an assessment. In the back-end or in student reports, you only see the latest assessment results for a particular course.

Is there any way for CoursePress Pro to keep track of all attempts at an assessment?

Since CoursePress must keep a record of how many times someone has taken an assessment - in order to prevent students from taking an assessment more than X number of times - could there at least be a work-around to show how many times a student has taken an assessment? That way, it could at least be inferred that someone failed X number of times before they passed.

Thanks in advance!

  • Vishan

    Good morning. I've been looking for the same type of functionality. Coursepress seems still in infant stages, and given the development cycle of coursepress it may take a decade to bring it on par to solution such as Learndash, Efront, Canvas, Edex etc. The difference with these solution and coursepress is that they are xapi and LRS compliant.

    I've asked WPMUDEV to do a blog on this sometime ago but not sure when to expect it. But for short what an LRS and xApi(Tin Can) does is exacly what you are asking for. So do some research to get aquainted. Maybe after having more request like mine and yours to WPMUDEV they may decide to support this.

    Forgot to mention about openBadges(by Mozilla) an BadgeOS which adds gamification functionality to your courses. It awards users badges as they complete courses etc.


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