Can CoursePress use Existing Content/Posts/Pages?


I have existing courses in a membership site and looking for Courseware to augment.

Ideally, I could put my existing Posts or pages into the CoursePress or have it wrap, or perhaps put shortcodes on my existing pages to bring it to life a bit with courseware features.

But, it looks at first like you have to create all content from scratch.

so, i started and created Lesson 1 - no content yet. clicked Save.

then Clicked preview - WOW!!!!!!

Somehow it grabbed my REAL LESSON 1!!!

That's great! So, I tried Lesson 2, 3, 4

So, what it seems... if I name the Unit exactly as the post is named, it picks it up. But, if the name is slightly different, it doesn't.

This opens the question of - how about a way to simply specify the url slug? This would be a great way to let people use existing content and use the CoursePress more as a wrapper than the original container.

I could really use a courseware plugin, but would prefer to ahve more control and not be forced to use Marketplace, and other restrictions... I'd prefer to us a membership software - currently Wishlist Member, but hopefully move to Protect Content.

Maybe there's a way to simply outline the course in CP and then put short codes in my pages?

Thank you for any thoughts or guidance on how to use CoursePress with my current content.

  • Ivan

    Hey there Stephen,

    Hope you are well and thanks for the question!

    CoursePress is not designed to be able to include existing content into courses, so that is not possible for the moment. And you will need to add all your new courses manually, or just copy/paste the content from the existing posts.

    I was trying to recreate the behavior with units, but didn't manage to see my existing post as course unit with the same name.

    Additionally you could start a thread in the feature section. however I've not seen a great deal of demand for it right now in comparison to other features so we'll see what other members thing.


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