Can Custom Press be used for single business profile page?

I am hoping that you can help make a recommendation. I am developing a multisite using pro-sites. I am using blog templates to create instant sites complete with content. I am really trying to simplify the starter sites (which I believe will be a significant portion of potential users)to make it easier for them and that will require much less support from me.

After registration, the ONLY thing that this level will need to do is edit 2 pages; one is a Business Profile page and the other is a page that they only need to add their personal link into.

How can I give them access to these 2 pages to edit without them having access to all of the other pages? I've also got the admin menu User Role Editor and Admin Menu Editor Pro installed.

Can you think of a simple solution? I am now thinking Custom Press which seems like an overkill to possibly accomplish this, but I believe that the custom press pages would be segmented away from the rest of the pages (true/false?) What would you suggest to accomplish this?

Note: I was not able to post this question under plugin support. The drop-down for the installed plugins would not populate. I cleared cache and tried 3 different browsers and I could not get the form to work.