Can CustomPress be used to Edit the Read More Link?

I need to allow bloggers in a new site to set the link the Read More text in excerpts points to. Can I use CustomPress to do this?

If not, does anyone have any ideas how I can accomplish this. I read an answer to a similar question on SitePoint that suggests custom fields can be used for this purpose. Unfortunately, I'm using a Genesis child theme and it doesn't use the_content() (as mentioned in the answer).

  • Mason
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    Are you looking to change the URL that it directs to or the actual text that is used (as opposed to "Read More".

    Since you're using a Genesis child theme, have you tried asking for assistance over at StudioPress? We'll gladly assist here if we can, but those guys do great work as well and would know immediately if it's a Genesis-specific function.


  • DDV
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    Thanks for your reply. I cried for help at StudioPress about 10 minutes after asking the question here. Still waiting for a reply from StudioPress.

    I only need to allow the URL of the Read More text to be changed. Will be a different URL for each post.

  • Mason
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    I only need to allow the URL of the Read More text to be changed. Will be a different URL for each post

    That sounds to me like you'll need a couple things. A custom meta box where the user can enter the link for the "read more" area (is it different for each post?) and then a function that filters the Read More link with whatever the user implements.

    Have you heard anything from Genesis? I'm not familiar with their excerpt functionality - if it's custom from default WP.

    Let us know. Thanks!

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    Hiya @DDV,

    Yeah it would seem that Genesis does nothing out of the ordinary there.

    Since it's a custom link for each post, you will have to use a filter in your functions.php file. You'll have to rewrite the link to pull in your custom link from a custom metabox that is associated with each post. Honestly, it's a bit outside what we can support in these forums. Have a look through the codex (I believe Andrea_r provided a link) and see if that makes sense.

    If it all looks a bit advanced, I'd recommend hiring a developer to put this together for you.


  • DDV
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    I'll get it done. Might even make a plugin of it. In fact, I've seen a plugin that provides another function I need for the Read More text. Might adapt that plugin or pay its developer to adapt it for me.

    Have a tweetup to go to tonight so this can wait for tomorrow.

    Thank you masonjames :slight_smile:

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    Just checking in :slight_smile:

    I'm guessing that because we haven't heard back from you that you've got your issue worked out via live chat or email, or that we have reached the end of our convo here. If you are still having problems or need any other answers on this particular topic please feel free to come back to this thread at anytime. Just be sure to mark it Not Resolved so we don't miss it!

    This ticket is only being Resolved due to lack of activity. It is by no means an action to avoid, brush off or minimize your issue. We are ready and here if you want to re-open at any time and I apologize in advance for any lack of communication if this ticket is being closed in error.

    Thanks for being part of the WPMU DEV Community!


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