can defender fix this ussue?

Can you please confirm that you are getting a security warning when you go to

Can defender fix this? Is this cross browser?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @cornelius_butler!

    Yes, I can confirm the warning. That's not a "mixed content" issue, though.

    This warning means that some sort of phishing malware was detected on site by Google and that's why it's being blocked. To fix that, first run a full file scan with Defender.

    This should report suspicious files but will not automatically fix them. It will report these files to you and then give you a choice of action (fix or ignore). You will need to check these files to make sure which are indeed malicious and which are only reported but can be safely left on site.

    Then, checking those malicious files is next step. Some of them might be files that can (and should) be fully removed but some might actually be a core files that cannot be removed but should be cleaned up instead.

    After removing those malicious "alien" files and cleaning up infected "core" files (by "core" I mean WordPress core, themes and plugins) the site might be considered as cleaned up. After that you will want to head on to Google Webmaster Console and from there use an option to ask them to review the site again.

    Only after that they'll take off the warning, though please note that this might take some time (anything from just couple of hours to couple of weeks).

    Kind regards,

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