can drip content be set up for three subscriptions?

I'm not sure this plugin is going to take care of drip content the way I was hoping. I'm setting up a fitness site that has three programs, each 12 weeks. so a use needs to buy one of the three fitness programs, then, over the course of 12 weeks, they gain access to the next week's instructions.

currently, if i'm understood the layout, if i want to use this plugin to do this i will have to create 12 levels three times and then give each set a subscription?

or is there another way?

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    Hey there,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    Dripped content is a bit different from a regular Subscription on how it works.

    As per our Manual here :

    If you select the Dripped Content option, you will fill in the same form as shown for
    Standard Membership Sites. If you selected two levels, this time it will create one
    subscription titled “Dripped Subscription” with both levels added (whereas in Standard
    Membership Sites if you created two levels, there would also be two subscriptions).

    I'm setting up a fitness site that has three programs, each 12 weeks

    So from what I see, it's a program which has 3 different programs (Subscription) for 12 different weeks each (Levels)

    Each level in each subscription would obviously have access to different content from what I assume ? correct ?

    If yes, then what you think is right. You need to create 3 subscriptions and 12 different levels for each subscription and then assign them to the subscriptions with weekly durations and the price you want.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

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