Can e-Newsletter plugin do any of these?

First of all, thanks for this great plugin. A few outside-the-box questions if you don't mind :slight_smile:

1. Can I send a new wordpress post "as is" as a newsletter in HTML format? I know I can copy and paste the content over to the newsletter management panel. Just wondering if it can be done by press a button or check a box kind of automation to add a post and make it a newsletter at the same time.

2. Can each newsletter have an achieved live page/post? in case subscribers' can not view HTML in mail box. Such as the way WPMU DEV's newsletter: "Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser".

3. Can I install this plugin in a few WPMU sub-blogs, and configure each sub-blog to handle different groups of subscribers? So one group will not see another group's newsletter at all. On the main WPMU site, I probably say, if you are in Group 1, click here to sign up as a user and subscribe the newsletter; If you are in Group 2, click here blablabla... Each "click here" will like to a separate sub-blog, and each sub-blog will be configured its own sign up form and manage its own member and newsletter campaign. All sub-blog and main blog are managed by the same webmaster. The reason to make it so complicated is: we do not want each group to see other groups' newsletter - in other words, each group will not have the option to select a newsletter that is not configured for this group.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

  • winning

    How much would it cost to get a customized version of this plugin that can do things I mentioned above ?

    Or maybe break down to the 3 pieces. The most wanted feature is the multiple group user management in #3 (the last one) above. And even better if this can be done:

    Group 1 kind of use the sub-blog application form, which allows Group 1 to set up a sub blog & marketpress sub-store with their profile details & paypal account info, and the new users is automatically opt-in to the a distinct newsletter that is written for sub blog owners.

    Group 2 is the subscriber/shopper of all the sub-blogs, and new users are automatically opt in to another set of newsletter written specifically for this group. Once users in this group shop on any of the sub-blog, they can log in to see their transaction records with all the sub-blog that they have dealt with.

    Group 3 is another kind of subscriber of one certain sub-blog that can see different content when they login and can subscribe to a 3rd set of newsletter that can only be sent to this group.

    Thank you for your time reading through my long post :slight_smile:

  • ThePath

    Yeh I'll +1 all those requests.

    It would be neat if it linked in with Marketpress so that people who use the shop are automatically opted-in to a Store Newsletter Group (after agreeing to terms and conditions in Marketpress perhaps...does this happen at the moment?). Would make marketing new products a lot easier.

    @winning - well 1) above should be fairly easily introduced as there are plugins about that already do this and 2) should also be very possible because the plugin outputs and saves each newsletter in an html form so all we would need to do is find out if the saved version can be displayed in a browser somehow, if not why not, kind of thing.

    I might look into these as I think they are a good idea and even my feable brain might be able to achieve them :wink:

    This is an area that there is a lot of free WP plugins with more functionaility that the one here at WPMU DEV but I reckon if we can integrate more functions with the easy to use style that the WPMU DEV one has then we are onto a winner. I think what to aim for here is: Feature rich enough for the folks that know about HTML email and sending newsletters to be happy and simple enough for your average Joe Blogger to send cool emails to his website users.

  • skasprick

    I have to agree to say the e-newsletter really needs to send posts! Doing so would kill two birds with on stone (at least for me):

    1. The post can remain on the front end (public side) of the site to be displayed and to be archived. I currently have a client who wants an e-newsletter as well as an archive of all past e-newsletters,

    2. Currently an archive of e-newsletters would require the user to send the e-newsletter then recreate it as a post, so one entry as a post can create 2 items (post + e-newsletter)

  • baselb5

    Dear masonjames,

    I have been looking at a lot of features lists from various enewsletter programs. As a newby with no HTML emailing experience but as someone who has a clear plan of what I want out of my WordPress website, I would like to +1 the following features:
    1) bulk import of users
    2) include current posts and future posts (teasers)
    3) Multiple columns like the WPMUdev Newsletter
    4) View in your browser option like WPMUdev newsletter

    I would also like to suggest the following
    Integration with Marketpress to feature products and specials


  • jetmac

    I posted on this earlier today in the Feedback section -

    The real key here -- that would solve the above issues and my suggestions -- is to combine the multiple WPMU email plugins into a single one that has full functionality.

    eNewsletter, Automessage, HTML Email Templates, and Subscriber -- even BP Group Email -- all are email based, all functionally overlap, all completely separate.

    There is no reason why these shouldn't be combined.

    HTML Email Templates can be used to customize email templates for the eNewsletter and transactional mailings. All that has to be done is allow for saving multiple templates that the other mail options can access.

    Automessage offers a drip email function - pair it with the emails you can currently create (and save!) using eNewsletter and then tie it to the lists eNewsletter can create and manage.

    Subscription could be paired with a specific Newsletter template and could also benefit from the mailing list management of eNewsletter. Subscription also has, built in, the ability to select/deselect individual posts for mailings which addresses the question above.

    BP Group Email could benefit from the eNewsletter template selector and a rich text editor (currently it has neither).

    Al of these plugins have overlapping features. Bringing them together makes them a match for MailChimp, aWeber, or any other mail service. As they are... just a bunch of half measures.

    +1 for combining the email plugins into a complete solution.

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