Can each instructor manage their content separately ?

If we are multiple instructors, can each one have access to their content without having access to the content of others ?

I want my instructors to be autonomous but I want to make sure they will not have access to courses built by others.

Thanks to clarify this point.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, Eric!

    You sure can. You'll need to adjust the Instructor Capabilities to match your needs here. To do this, go to your Course Press settings.

    Out of the box, instructors do not have the ability to edit any course to which they are not assigned, so they can only modify courses they're teaching, not others' courses. You can fine tune the settings here to only allow them to modify courses they've created, if you'd like more control, or if you have multiple instructors assigned to a course, and you only want the instructor who created it to have editing privileges.

    Check out my screenshot for where to find these settings. :slight_smile:

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