Can each sub-site sign-up users to different list?

I have a WP network. Just wonder if I can achieve the following with this MailChimp plugin

1. Can I set up each sub-site to automatically add new user at sign up to its own list? For example, when user register on sub-site-1, this new user's email will be sent to list-1, and sub-site-2's users will be signed up for list-2, and sub-site-3 to list-3.

2. Can users (after log in) choose from a list of multple options to subcribe to? For example,
Please choose to receive one or more newsletters from below:
(check box) List-1
(check box) List-2
(check box) List-3
[submit to subcribe]

Thanks & Look forward to the solutions :slight_smile:

  • DavidM

    Hi winning,

    Currently, the plugin works on a network basis rather than on a per-site basis. The options are all configured from the Network Admin page and are available as a whole for the network.

    Also, the plugin can be setup for a single newsletter at this point, which you select in the Network Admin page, so there wouldn't be a way to display a list of newsletters.

    I don't recall there being a feature request made on all this, perhaps you might consider posting in the feature request forum on this?

    Hope that helps clarify things.