Can Fundraising Plugin partner with MarketPress to provide a "shop to make a difference" p

Can the Fundraiser (FR) and MarketPress (MP) plugins be updated to work in partnership with each other to provide FR projects that work in this way:

1) allow secure login/signup for i.e. agencies/NPOs, to create a project page (outline mission, goal, PayPal credentials);

2) "open" FR projects list on FR homepage in the networks main site, for shop merchants to choose a cause to partner;

3) shop merchants sign up and add their %sales commitment, when saved:

a) all their shop products are auto-tagged with "name of agency/cause" for a global product tag search cloud we can add to sidebar(or pull down menu;

b) at store checkout, a %sales "go to cause" field shows amount committed to donate per transaction (copy/modify sales tax field) which records in MP site admin;

c) total sales and total %sales stats are added in real time to a shop page widget,

d) participating shops list right in each project page, with %sales, total MP sales and total FR donations,

e) FR project page displays stats widget of total project donations pending, and total donations collected to date.

- Projects can be open or reviewed annually.
- Shop Merchants can switch projects at anytime.
- When Projects are archived, stats track in shop and FR project for the network.
- Up to the "project manager" to follow up on sales collections. (A way to ensure all donations reach each cause, would be to have donations delivered via PayPal at time of each sales transaction.)

  • Patrick

    Hi @MoniQ

    That's a really cool idea, both from a marketer's and shopper's perspective!

    It would be cool if things could also be set up so, instead of merchants partnering with one fundraiser, shoppers could choose which fundraiser on the site they want to contribute to. Maybe even include the possibility to add an additional amount to the total donated... kinda like a tip :slight_smile:

    I'll be sure our development is alerted to this topic. But please be aware that new integration of this type can be a lengthy process.

    In the meantime, +1s anyone?

    +1 from me. :slight_smile:

  • MoniQ

    My first steps to cross the great divide... If you feel so inclined, would you be able to help me accomplish a few things:

    1) Most important step is to copy/modify a tax field to create a "_% Donated by Shop Merchant" field, and add it to the store checkout just below subTotal (what php page and exactly where on that page would I add this code?); and add it to the site admin for MP shop sales record; and pull it into text widgets elsewhere (how?)

    2) To create a list of participating shops: Is it the Member Directory plugin that could help me assign shops to a group (FR project). How could I pull list into fundraiser project page (column1)? Add their committed %sales (col2)? Pull in MP total sales (col3)? Otherwise I will have to create/update manually.

    3) I can add a i.e. project or agency logo to the sidebar of participating shops, and make it active-link to go to FR project page (if public). Would like to also pull in %sales to the same text widget.

    4) The FR project page, if hidden, would be accessible to shop merchants to donate %sales, and i.e. agencies to track donations. If the FR page was made public, it will be harder to isolate total donations from shop merchants. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  • Patrick

    Hi again @MoniQ

    Sorry for the delay here; this thread appears to have dropped off my feed. :slight_frown:

    Wow. That is a huge list of customization requests!

    Unfortunately though, I can't help you with much because I'm not much of a coder. But I'll try. :slight_smile:

    1) You could use CustomPress to create a custom field that the merchant could fill in with the percentage they wish to donate (1st screenshot). That would then be available for them to fill in on the post editor for each product (2nd screenshot). Then by adding the custom field shortcode in the post editor, you could display that info in the post on the front-end (3rd screenshot). I'm not entirely sure how you could integrate that into the shopping cart or elsewhere though, as it would require specifying the IDs of each product in the cart.

    2) The simplest way I can think of to create a list of participating shops would be to use the Site Categories plugin. You could then use the Single Site Category widget to display sites in any particular category wherever you need them on the front-end.

    Here again though, getting that info to display on specific screens in the admin would require some custom coding that is a bit beyond my expertise.

    3) There are numerous plugins in the WordPress plugin directory that enable you to display widgets on specific pages, posts, categories, etc. For example:

    Dunno about pulling in the % of sales for particular merchants though, sorry again. :slight_smile:

    4) I'm not quite sure what you mean here. Could you clarify this please? Fundraiser pages can be password-protected or made private just like any other post on the site.

  • MoniQ

    Thank you Patrick! Wonderful info.

    1) I could use custompress to add a field to each product description, allowing merchants to choose %sales to donate and display it with the products. Nice! I can't yet pull that into a store checkout, shop front or dashboard yet - so am going to hold on to this one for a bit. Bit of work that.

    2) Installed and added my site categories. Installed Fundraiser and added one page. Trying to add one site category list of shops into the fundraiser page. Is there a way to use shortcode in the page instead of a widget? (Sidebar is not dealing with widgets very well).

    3) Would like to add a Fundraiser progress bar widget in each shop page that is donating to it. But I can't get access to project ID # for that Fundraising page. The Fundraiser icons I need to access the ID# I guess, are not showing up on top of my edit window.

    Oh, Fundraising projects are not global! I cannot display a Fundraiser Panel widget in another shop (new site), to display how much money shops are raising for a project that is setup elsewhere - in this case on the main site! Can I submit this for a feature request?

    4) This was a thought... in fundraising page, to help a donee track their merchant donations of %sales, I would have to stop the public from donating as well. So I thought of making FR project pages private or just not link to them. Donees may not care about that though.

  • Patrick

    Hi again @MoniQ

    Terribly sorry for the delay here; I had some family issues to deal with.

    1) Yay! :slight_smile:

    2) Sidebar is not dealing with widgets very well? Sounds like you may have an issue with your current theme, or perhaps a plugin conflict there.

    Unfortunately, the Site Categories plugin has no shortcodes to mirror the output of the widgets. But this would help:

    3) Again, that sounds like a conflict with another plugin or your theme. It should display just fine in the post editor of any post type, including product pages (screenshot below).

    4) Could you not create 2 fundraisers? One for merchants and keep it private, and another public one for your users. :slight_smile:

    Oh, Fundraising projects are not global! Can I submit this for a feature request?

    You most surely can! Simply create a new thread for that, and post it to the Features & Feedback forum for the Fundraising plugin. :slight_smile:

  • MoniQ

    Thanks Patrick.

    I realized the icon that was missing, will not show up in the fundraising page itself, but will everywhere else. I just thought the progress bar was more interesting.

    Also, is there a shortcode I can use to pull a site categories "single category list" into a fundraiser page. I can't use the sidebar, it has issues.

    Yes, I either have a theme issue, or an html code missing or something. I am not sure how to track down the sidebar issue. But I have a few piling up - avatars don't upload in profiles, site categories icons don't upload, and my custom login/register forces people to login through WP login. Oh, and branding won't upload a WP login custom logo. I am on a role!

  • Patrick

    Hi @MoniQ

    Sounds like you're having an awful lot of issues with the theme you are using. Have you considered trying a different theme?

    Can you post a link to your site? Perhaps we can see what might be amiss.

    Also, as I mentioned above, the plugin has no shortcode to mirror the output of the widgets. So, no, there is no shortcode to display a list of site categories, or sites from a single category.

    That is why I recommended the use of the plugin that enables you to use widgets in the post content area.

  • MoniQ

    @ Patrick, thanks for your help. I am trying to decide whether to continue with site design and "GridMarket" or "Flexmarket". Hard to move forward when things are not working properly.

    I have a thread dealing with sidebar issues here.
    I have a thread dealing with image loading issues with plugins site categories, avatar, branding (and now Felxmarket theme)


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