Can Fundraising do this?

I need a mixture between event espresso/groupon/kickstarter/events and I am not sure if this Fundraising plugin can do it. This problem is the reason I started the "Which Groupon clone to chose" thread that got plenty of answers but none of those Groupon clones seems to fit this problem :slight_frown:

I am trying to sell an event, let me give you an example of what attributes this event does have to have:

- title
- description
- date/time of when it will happen
- picture(s)
- minimum # of participants needed
- maximum # of participants allowed
- a price
- location (city - suburb - venue)
- deadline: buy before deadline or the event won't happen

The problem I see is that if the min. # is i.e. 4 then the first 3 won't be billed immediately, I need a "lock" on their funds so only when the 4th person buys all 4 get billed immediately and if by the end of the deadline there are only 3 buyers, no money will be transferred and the event will be closed.

If Fundraising can do this, lets tackle the second problem I see: what would be the best way to add location (city - suburb - venue) info to my events? Custom taxonomy? How? How can I filter on the front end by it so people can search for events in their areas?
If Fundraising can't, maybe the events plugin? Or any other plugin?

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hello Ovidiu,

    Fundraising plugin can have goals. And only when the goal amount is reached, everyone will be billed.

    For the City Suburb and Venue, its better to use Taxonomy I think. There are taxonomy pages for all of them.

    so if New York is a taxonomy, there will be a page for New York (like category pages) and users can see all happening events.

    That works?

  • bmk0220
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I don't currently have it installed but when I tested it previously I gave a "project" name via taxonomy, say Project 1, then add all of your event requirements to that project. Give it an amount goal and use that as your way of not charging anyone until the entire goal is met. That's about it.

  • Ovidiu
    • Code Wrangler

    can you help me out with more details please?

    I am offering an event where I need a minimum of 4 people and I can accommodate at most 10 people. The price for 1 person is 100.

    so I create a new fundraiser, go for advanced fundraising type, set a goal of 400 and publish it.

    - people will be able to pledge any amount. I need them only to be able to pay exactly 100.
    - I need to limit the pledging to 10 persons and can't see how.

    I don't want to force this plugin into doing what I need, I was just asking if it can do what I need.
    Any other plugins you think can do what I need?

    I could basically use custom post types and custom taxonomies and custom fields to create what I need but then I am still lacking the solution for selling my product and limiting its availability...

  • Ovidiu
    • Code Wrangler

    Guys, can someone please alert the developer, maybe he can pitch in with more info?

    I just tested the fundraising plugin again and I see another hurdle namely that there is no upper limit. I need to stop accepting buyers/pledgers when the target is reached.

    If this plugin can't handle it, does anyone have knowledge of a plugin that can provide this functionality?

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hello Ovidiu,

    Am sorry, somehow I missed it.

    I see the potential problem, the plugin cannot limit the payments to a fixed amount only.

    Let me ping Cole and see if we can figure something out for you. If this is added as a feature, it would mean more applications.

  • Cole
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey Ovidiu,

    I actually just responded to a similar request over here

    I was explaining that currently the advanced payments system PreApproves each payment until the "goal" is reached. Currently the goal is only a total dollar amount. But I was really impressed by the idea of being able to set more robust goals. For instance setting the goal to the total number of backers.

    I am building out a new set of features currently so I am going to see about find some good solutions to this. It would be great to have some different applications for the plugin outside of the "Kickstarter" type of functionality.

    If you would like I could try and point you in the right direction for making your own modifications to the plugin with some available actions and filters that are already included.

  • Ovidiu
    • Code Wrangler

    @Cole: no rush, I can wait for the next version. Please do have a look at my requests I listed above, maybe you can incorporate at least a few of them?

    The usage case is quite simple:

    I am offering an event where I need a minimum of 4 people and I can accommodate at most 10 people. The price for 1 person is 100.

  • dannyo
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Ok, Cole, Ovidiu and Rigonatti,

    Cole: Ovidiu's determination is absolutely commendable. We should all be as bold as he is to move internationally and take risks. I've noticed his posts have gone unresolved for a while which is clearly a little frustrating to someone to actually jumps out and immerses himself in his endeavors. I'll hopefully provide a good list of needs for this plugin and, hopefully, we'll all see some of these recommendations in a future update.

    Ovidiu: My needs are very similar to yours. In addition to fiddling a lot with Fundraising, I did also try WP Commerce, MarketPress, and Events, without the same satisfaction I think I'll get out of a tweaked Fundraising plugin. I have a very clear picture of what you need the plugin for, and I recommend sticking with Fundraising.

    Rignoatti: It looks like what you asked for wasn't necessarily fulfilled. My post here will probably solve that.

    Specifically, I believe you and I (and, likely, others) need the Fundraising plugin to offer a limited quantity, fixed-price, event with start and expiry. More specifically, one or more simultaneous "fundraisers" that close-out and cease once the funding goal has been reached, and not exceeded.

    For example, a fundraiser with a $1000 goal and expiry in 30 days, permitting only 10 sponsors to each contribute $100 -- and nothing more, with no options to contribute more or less, unless the same sponsor contributes in multiple transactions of the available $100 option.

    I am not happy with the "post" style of the Fundraisers themselves. I might eventually be, with a little tweaking to the template (I happen to be using Responsive 1.6.2 with Child) so my implementation is strictly in widgets with direct checkout. No login, no shopping cart. It's pretty clean.

    So, Ovidiu, in the interim, I recommend doing this to get the plugin working as you need:

    1. Run Fundraising with simple donations disabled, and advanced crowdfunding enabled.

    2. Remove the "None" button by commenting /fundraising/lib/template-functions.php as:

    $content .= '
    <div class="wdf_reward_item">
    <div class="wdf_reward_choice"><input type="radio" name="wdf_reward" value="none" /></div>
    <div class="wdf_reward_description">'.apply_filters('wdf_no_reward_description',__('None','wdf')).'</div>

    3. Remove custom donation label and text field for variable pledge amount by commenting /fundraising/lib/template-functions.php as:

    $content .= '<div class="wdf_custom_donation_label">'.apply_filters('wdf_choose_amount_label',__('Choose An Amount','wdf')).'</div>';
    $content .= ($settings['curr_symbol_position'] == 1 || $settings['curr_symbol_position'] == 2 ? '<span class="currency">'.$wdf->format_currency().'</span>' : '');
    $content .= '<input type="text" name="wdf_pledge" class="wdf_pledge_amount" value="" />';

    4. Clean up the Fundraising widget itself with this custom CSS. Note, that I do have a separate unanswered post here regarding pre-checking the radio button in the widget and then concealing it, so those CSS modifications aren't here (yet).

    /* Fundraising customization */

    div.wdf_donate_button {

    span.wdf_level_amount {

    div.wdf_reward_item {

    .widget_wdf_fundraisers_list {

    Cole, please consider the following recommendations for the next update:

    1. Make the "none" button visibility an optional toggle on/off in settings.
    2. Make the custom donation field and capability an optional toggle on/off in settings.
    3. When advanced crowdfunding is enabled and only one reward is specified, pre-check the radio button and then hide it. It's not necessary in that scenario. Certainly, don't hide the reward price and description themselves -- just the radio button.
    4. Add an option in settings to make the title and photo in a widget to link toward the Fundraising post itself. A link to the post isn't particularly desirable to me, but could be to others, and thus my recommendation to make it an on/off option -- or, at least, provide recommended CSS to disable it if you do execute this recommendation.
    5. It appears the single supporter label doesn't work in the widget. Please investigate, and resolve if necessary.
    6. The description provided in the Fundraiser itself supports some html tags, and they work fine in the post itself but are not translated in the Widget header. I currently have an open request for support on this. Specifically, in order to make the titles look nice in the widget, I entered THIS IS A TEST
    NEXT LINE but the widget actually shows the
    when it shouldn't.
    7. In a test, I fully funded a fundraiser but it remained open and available for further funding. It is unclear as to what is supposed to happen when a post is fully funded. My expectation is that the particular fundraiser no longer accept contributions and "close-out." Is this the case? If so, please check that it works correctly in the widget; if not, I recommend it do that.
    8. Add an option to display the percentage of funding received so far, in the widget, perhaps as an option in lieu of the bar.
    9. Add an option in the Fundraiser Panel widget itself to, instead of displaying a list of, or one specific fundraiser, dynamically display the fundraiser soonest to end, -1, -2, -3, -4, etc, through about 99. A drop-down selection in the widget settings would suffice. This way, when we use Fundraiser Panel widgets on one page, the plugin can automatically manage which ones are displayed on the page. Further, in a case (as is mine) where a page full of Fundraiser Panel widgets exist, the hassle of managing which Fundraisers are shown is reduced. This recommendation will make things very nice and dynamic.
    10. Assuming you like and implement #9, above, an option should then also exist to leave a fully-funded fundraiser up on display for x-number of days. Certainly, this will maintain proof to new users that the site does indeed have activity.


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya @dannyo

    Thanks for the tips and for posting your experiences thus far with Fundraiser.

    Just to keep you in the loop, Cole is currently working on the plugin with several updates for this guy with a few major addition and several smaller enhancements as well.

    #7 is something we'll look into straight away.

    Anyway, really thanks for your thoughts on this. Member feedback is super valuable in helping us fine-tune the experience.

  • 3SixtyEvolve
    • New Recruit

    Great feedback, @dannyo. And very thorough and well planned project...

    Just checking in to confirm that the Developer is still working on the upcoming Fundraising plugin release. Hopefully we would have it released soon :slight_smile:

    Have a great day and talk soon again!


  • Cole
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @Ovidiu and @dannyo

    If you two are still interested in giving some feedback on the future feature set I am releasing soon could you send an email to My apologies for not responding sooner but I have been bogged down with bug fixes on the current version and had to pause my next development steps temporarily.

    And more specifically to dannyo. Thanks for such a thorough post before. Lets chat on email if possible on seeing how we might be able to implement your recommendations into the plugin.

  • 3SixtyEvolve
    • New Recruit

    Thank you @ColeS for the update. Since you will deal with our members @Ovidiu and @dannyo via email I will go ahead and resolve this topic.

    If anyone feels that it should be re-opened, please don't hesitate to do so. Just select the 'Mark as Not Resolved (re-open)' box below the post area (otherwise we might miss your new post).

    Have a good day everyone!


  • Cole
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey Ovidiu,

    Still hard at work on the new version. Been working on updating a slew of plugins, Fundraising should be first out the door though. I'll be sure to make lots of noise when something is ready to beta test :slight_smile:. Still got your contact info as well.

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